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Girls’ education  is a strategic development priority. Better educated women tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labour market, earn higher incomes, have fewer children, marry at a later age, and enable better health care and education  for their children, should they choose to become mothers.

Girlkind Kenya has been working with the locals to provide alternative livelihoods and to diversify livelihood options for the pastoralists in the light of climate change rendering nomadic pastoralism unsustainable. Many households are forced to abandon pastoralism and seek employment. At our women centre in Jarirot we are training them in tailoring , tie and dye and beauty therapy through application of hiina, among many other options including weaving , baking

Our achievements

Today at our women centre in Jarirot we have distributed 100 litres storage tanks for 50 families in Jarirot . The tanks were meant to provide water storage for vulnerable families who could not afford to buy them during this difficult times we are facing threats from COVID19 epedermic , the tanks were provided by the Garissa women representative Hon Anab Subow Gure MP through Girlkind Kenya to increase water holding capacity for house holds there by decongesting the water points and reducing risk of the spread of COVID19.

At our women centre in Jarirot today we hosted Hon Rachel Shabesh CAS Public services, youth and Gender for disbursement of Uwezo fund, youth fund and women fund thanks to our able CEO Fatuma Hakar

at our women centre in Jarirot the officials of Girlkind and the jarrirot community received the Garissa county women Rep Hon Anab Subow Gure .She donated an assorted items comprising of tailoring machines , mattresses for the old and weak among the community and saloon equipments like blow dryers. She also promised to send water storage tanks to the community.She thanked Girlkind for their efforts in uplifting the standards of living of the community especially for their skills empowerment to women of the village.